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The temperature of PV integrated building should be minimised to increase electrical output. It is estimated that an average BIPV cell operates at a temperature of up to 50°C above ambient temperature. This is estimated to be 10°C higher than that which could be achieved by better-informed design.

This represents a performance loss of up to 5% on power produced, as well as increasing thermal cycling stresses and ageing processes. In a European context, where 10 MWp BIPV is projected to be installed annually, this represents a loss of 500 kWp capacity, or around 500 MWh/year of generated electricity.

Designers are not always aware of how PV modules/laminates exchange heat with their surroundings, and therefore cannot take the operating temperature into account when designing their systems. This can be solved by making a user-friendly design guide available to architects and building designers that allows them to make informed decisions about their systems. This includes temperature profiles and indicators showing the effect on electrical performance.

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We are an amateur astronomy society for new and experienced amateur astronomers in the United Kingdom.

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geophysicists - these are required to have robust science background along with passion for solar innovations.